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COVID-19 Office update

Due to recent COVID-19 regulations from the Federal Government and The State of Vermont, Chiro-Med & Rehab has made a few temporary changes at our office in order to maintain compliance and remain open as an essential healthcare practice.

Hands forming heartAs directed by the Governor, routine and wellness care is considered elective care and is to be postponed until the stay-at-home order has been lifted. We will be treating our patients needing pain management, acute care/injury care, and postoperative care. Those patients with pain that would otherwise end up in the ED/ER will also be seen to prevent taxing our hospital staff and resources.

In case of emergency, you can listen until the end of our phone prompts and get access to the physician on call. You can also reach us via our website and your message will be delivered directly to Dr. Sullivan’s phone.

For the month of April our office hours will be:
Monday 10-5
Tuesday 10-4
Wednesday 10-7
Thursday 10-4
Friday’s will be reserved for Telehealth/telemedicine visits. (Telehealth is also available during the week if requested)

Our Telehealth program is a face to face video platform that allows us to drop in stretches and exercises during our video consult. We review them with you during our consult session and then send them to you in an email. The email will include a code for you to access the videos issued in your treatment plan at any time in your telehealth portal. We can send messages back and forth through the platform at any point during the day and the staff will reply timely as these messages are checked multiple times a day.

What to expect – we are the same happy and loving staff that we have always been. We have taken measures as directed by the CDC and WHO to protect ourselves and our patients during their visit.

You will see a sign on our front door addressing symptoms and asking you to reschedule from your car or home if you present with a fever, cough, respiratory illness, or significant fatigue.

When you enter reception, you will have your temperature taken with a touch free forehead thermometer and given a spray/squirt of hand sanitizer.

Our office staff will be wearing masks. This is mostly to prevent us from touching our face as well as to reduce your exposure to any droplets from our mouths as we work with you.

After you leave reception, the chairs and doorknobs/handles are sanitized as well as any surface you have been on during your visit.

We remain open and dedicated to our patients as allowed by the State of Vermont and Federal Government. We have reduced the number of patients in-house at one time and are only scheduling new and existing patients that are in need of acute care/injury care, pain management, and postoperative care and rehabilitation.

Be well and Stay Safe!