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Meet Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Sullivan-Bol is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. He specializes in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal, orthopedic, and neurological pain and injury, and welcomes you to experience health care in a comfortable, educational, and healing environment..

He is a founding partner of Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation (CM&R) in Vermont, and Advanced Physical Medicine Clinics in Illinois. Since opening his last Vermont office in 2010, Dr. Sullivan has enjoyed becoming a true small town doctor.

Discovering the Path of Healing

Dr. Sullivan-Bol was born and raised in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. Growing up he competed in gymnastics, martial arts, swimming and diving. He then coached gymnastics and Tae Kwon Do while beginning his undergraduate studies in paramedicine.

As a health care provider since he was 18 years old, Dr. Sullivan was always passionate about the medical field. The “road to wellness” took him from paramedics out of the hospital, to mission work in Africa, to emergency medicine in the hospital, to organ procurement and transplantation, where he was a transplant coordinator for the Regional Organ Bank of Illinois, now known as Gift of Hope.

After a very unfortunate car accident that severely injured his mother, Dr. Sullivan-Bol watched his mom go through months of therapy with little to no lasting effect. Through a social contact, he met a Chiropractor who was interested in seeing his mother to see if there was something that she could do to assist her healing. After a short 6 weeks with this provider, Dr. Sullivan’s mother was pain free and had full restoration of the function of her neck. Seeing first hand how well-rounded Chiropractic Medicine was, he decided to pursue Chiropractic Medicine as his career path.

A Whole Body, Holistic Education

While working for the Regional Organ Bank of Illinois, he began his studies at the National University of Health Sciences. There he earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology, and later, a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine.

Dr. Sullivan-Bol was part of the second class to experience Problem-Based Learning (PBL) at the National University of Health Sciences that is based off of the Harvard Medical School PBL Curriculum. Attending with some of the brightest, most well-rounded chiropractors, he is still excited about his exceptional education. “I went to chiropractic college, yet I also went to medical school. My education was simply brilliant.”

Being educated in both medicine and chiropractic care gave Dr. Sullivan-Bol the opportunity to learning about holistic, whole-body healing. “What makes me tick is having the ability to practice in a way that I can treat my patients from head to toe, system by system. We treat the whole person and the ailments and abnormalities that come with aging.”

Lifestyle Medicine and Care

Dr. Sullivan-Bol is a certified Lifestyle Medicine Provider through Metagenics First Line Therapy. As a Lifestyle Medicine Provider, he helps to take his patients on a thorough journey through the benefits of implementing lifestyle medicine on their pathway to health and wellness.

Community Outreach and Autism Awareness

As a dedicated husband and father of two, Dr. Sullivan-Bol enjoys spending time with his family when he is not working. He enjoys the winters in Vermont, embracing outdoor sports whenever possible.

Whether it is the local triathlete group, running groups or cycling groups, Dr. Sullivan-Bol enjoys supporting the community. He’s a sponsor of Girls On The Run and the Training For More training group. As a distance runner for Autism Speaks, Dr. Sullivan-Bol represents autism awareness by wearing his Team Up for Autism gear whenever possible.

Meet this caring, compassionate, small town doctor that welcomes you to ask questions as you learn about your health and heal. Give us a call today. (802) 753-7930