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About Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation

Chiropractic Medicine + Orthopedic Rehabilitation + Sports Medicine

Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation was opened in May 2010, dedicated to providing you with exceptional outpatient chiropractic medicine, orthopedic rehabilitation, and sports medicine. Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol and his team specialize in caring for those experiencing pain related to the spine and any other joint or extremity, as well as in helping with conditions that don’t seem to be getting better.

We want to be the first facility you think of to work together with your primary care provider and specialists for additional therapies to aid in resolutions of your symptoms. We are passionate, experienced doctors that will treat you with the respect, dignity and comprehensive, quality health care that you deserve.

Your Greatest Healing

Every muscle in your body is connected to a bone. When a muscle contracts or goes int spasm, shortening its origin and insertion, it moves the bone towards the site of shortening. Addressing a joint before the muscles around the joint is why a lot of patients struggle or do not do well in therapy. At Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation, we ensure the tissues around your joint are taken care of before we address the joint dysfunction. Through chiropractic medicine and physical therapy, we treat:

  • foot and ankle dysfunction and pain syndromes
  • shin splints/tibial stress syndrome
  • knee pain
  • thigh and hip pain
  • SI and pelvic pain and dysfunctions
  • low back pain
  • mid and upper back pain
  • rib pain
  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • and more

Wellness for Every Age

We see people from every walk of life, every level of fitness and every age. From newborns to children with gait, sensory, balance or dexterity abnormalities, we love helping them get a healthy start to life. We enjoy helping beginner athletes to professionals and welcome geriatric patients, and the geriatric patients that visit us with fall risks, balance and gait assessments or need for daily-living enhancements.

Hospital Access When You Need It

We’re proud to be able to tell you we have hospital privileges at the Alexian Brothers Hospital Network, as well as a relationship with SVMC, where we work with other medical providers in the area, and strive to maintain a very strong, professional network to better communication, as well as delivery of quality health care.

Spinal issues and health problems rarely get better on their own. Give us a call today and let’s get you on the road to recovery. (802) 753-7930