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What To Expect

New patient filling out paperwork

Our new patient forms can be downloaded and completed in the convenience of your own home.

At Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation, we believe in preventative health care and will empower you with the tools necessary to live a healthy life. Our goal is that you leave educated and motivated to use that knowledge to be proactive in your approach to wellness and health care.

We welcome you to live a better life, today.

Your First Visit

We don’t believe in waiting times because we believe our time and your time is equally important. After ensuring your paperwork is filled out, our office nurse will show you to a room where she’ll note your health history, medications and current care.

Meeting Your Doctor. You’ll meet with your provider and review all information provided to the nurse. Following your initial visit, your examination note and care plan will be forwarded to your primary care/ referring provider to ensure everyone is up to date and informed about your condition and course of care.

Examination. We’ll do an orthopedic and neurological assessment as well as a medical evaluation where we’ll inquire about your past medical history. You can expect to have a comprehensive, head to toe examination with special attention to your presenting complaint. Then, we’ll discuss with you what the root issue is that is causing your complaint, and develop a custom patient specific treatment plan.

Beginning Care. If further diagnostic testing is not required, you will receive treatment at this visit. We may also refer you into the Orthopedic Rehab department to initiate your home exercise program and supportive care.

For your convenience, you may download the new patient forms here, so you may complete it before your first visit.

Follow-up Visits

We’ll base your visits around what your current prescription for care may be. If you’re ready for care right away, we’ll treat you on this visit or refer you for Orthopedic Rehab.

Sometimes, further diagnostics are required and we will ask you to return for a report of findings visit after we have reviewed the results. We’ll look to see if there is a more centrally located issue. In that case, we’ll address care at this point.

Tailor-Made Treatment Through Teamwork

We believe that your needs are unique, which is why we customize chiropractic care and rehabilitation to what you need to heal. Treatment may consist of but is not limited to spinal manipulation, Orthopedic Rehab, therapeutic modalities, nutritional and rehabilitation protocols and self-treatment advice.

We’ll give you home exercises to do in order to create a degree of autonomy for your care. By taking responsibility for your health, and to be proactive, we see ourselves as your partner.

If you’d like to see how our approach can make a difference in your life, give us a call. We look forward to meeting you. (802) 753-7930