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Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation –
Fusing Health and Wellness

Bennington Chiropractor Offers a Unique Approach

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol, Board Certified Chiropractic Physician

Bennington Chiropractic physician, Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol, focuses on treating the patient as a whole, and not just the symptoms. Chiro-Med & Rehabilitation is an integrative health and wellness center offering both Chiropractic Medicine and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. We are committed to providing our patients with holistic, personalized care.

We understand the important relationship between non-chiropractic methods of treatment in conjunction with chiropractic care. We work collaboratively with many healthcare providers, including primary care physicians and specialists that you may have seen for a problem that has not been addressed, corrected, or rectified. Our goal is to approach your care wholistically for your greatest healing and outcome.

The Care You Deserve

We’ll create a patient-specific, condition-specific treatment plan, that may address more regions than the area of complaint. Treatment plans are designed to fit your exact needs and ensure you’re progressing as expected along the way. Our integrated care practice offers:

We welcome you with open arms, and we love answering questions and teaching. Our goal is that you leave our office on every visit greater educated than when you walked through the door. You’ll learn specifics regarding your health condition and what we can do as a team to help you heal.

Experience Comfort and Compassion

We’ve created a comfortable, friendly and caring environment where we’ll spend the time needed to have all of your health care concerns addressed. We’ll listen to you and focus on rehabilitation, self-care, education and prevention, so you not only get well, but stay well.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you.

Dr. Kenneth Sullivan-Bol | Bennington Chiropractor

We proudly treat patients from Southwestern Vermont,
Eastern New York and Western Massachusetts.

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